First Time Ever Watching Survivor

The first episode of survivor has two groups blood vs water. The loved ones were separated and they had to compete against each other. Each pair was put into a tribe called- Hunahpu which was (blue) and Coyopa (orange). The groups had to introduce each other so that they can bond with one another later on as a team. Everyone is able to see how the groups come together and motivate each other to win the opposite team.

As the show continues the groups start the forming stage by starting to be cautiously polite with one another. Everyone starts to show faces of the storming stage by noticing that one person builds status in the group. During the episode everyone in  the Hunahpu tribe saw that Jeremy built status after winning the first competition. With one person having greater status it brings others danger to the competition. Jeremy won the first challenge and is earned respect by his tribe members. Respect by others in a group will benefit him later on by having a better chance of stayinng in the competion longer.  The Coyopa tribe lost two challenges already and primary tension is their because they were not able to build that bond like the other group did. The Coyopa tribes  younger members come together except for Dale, the oldest. Due to Dales age  difference he struggles to fit in and he feels  like  he needs to stand out so that they  wont eliminate him. Dale is seen as the weakest but in my opinion he should of been seen as the person with more experience and knowledge. Dale starts a fire first in the group and brakes his  glasses apart to show his other tribe members that he is scarifying for them. With that the group starts to become stronger and every one seems to accept one another and Dale does not seem to be the target anymore.

When the Coyopa group starts building a shelter they put tree branches as a covering    and one of the group members notices that he has a bad rash on his eyes. They all ask him if he is okay and they notice that the branches are poisonous. So they all get together to change the shelter for other branches, this is an example of resolving primary tension. Since Coyopa has lost two competitions secondary tension kicks in because the men want to eliminate one of the girls while the girls want to eliminate one of the guys. I really enjoyed watching this show and I am looking forward to the other episodes.

2 thoughts on “First Time Ever Watching Survivor”

  1. I really agree with my class mate about how in the second episode their was a lot of primary tension. The Coyopa tribe have not had any luck in the the competition so far and to say that their behavior was a result of primary tension is very correct in my mind. Also, I agree About how Dale shouldn’t have been a target, he should have been used as an asset since he has a lot more experience then everyone else because of his age.

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